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    Heating plate performance comparison analysis of the options
    Date of publication:2019-07-08

    Comparative analysis of heating plate performance

    A heating plate converts electrical energy into heat energy to heat an object. Is a form of electricity utilization.

    The following three points are the most important to measure the quality of a precision heating board, if you want to buy a high-quality heating board, might as well pay more attention to the parameters mentioned above. It is worth noting that general manufacturers do not particularly publicize the non-superior performance of their products, so not every model can be as you expect, see the following parameters released. Other general parameters, such as heating panel material, temperature control range, panel size, etc., can be determined by the user according to the actual experimental requirements, such as the requirement of good thermal conductivity, aluminum magnesium alloy panel, the requirement of anti-conductive optional ceramic panel.

    1. Temperature uniformity is an important parameter of the heating plate *. The temperature uniformity of the heating plate refers to the uniformity of the temperature distribution on the panel and the temperature difference between the ** and ** points when the heating temperature is displayed to the set temperature.

    2, the resolution, that is, the reading, that is to show you the temperature value accurate to the decimal, is an important indicator to measure the display control ability of the heating plate, the general heating plate is 1, that is, the whole number display, more precise degree can be accurate to 0.1.

    3. Sensor '> sensor temperature control refers to the control ability of the internal temperature control system of the heating plate. When the heating plate reaches the set temperature, the error range is the same as the temperature uniformity of the heating plate.

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