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    Performance of laboratory heating plates
    Date of publication:2019-07-11

    The laboratory heating plate is made of glass and ceramic with good chemical stability, which has the effect of safe heating and constant temperature control.

    The heating plate which is widely used in laboratory has a high safety system, including fixed safety circuit, overheat display and error display. PID program control system can achieve high precision temperature control effect. Functionality, safety and durability are the three main characteristics of laboratory heating plates.

    Performance of laboratory heating plate

    1. Fixed safety temperature 450℃

    2. High temperature warning to prevent burns!

    3. The heating temperature is set through the digital display (LED) screen

    4, error code number display

    5, the control panel is raised to prevent liquid splashing on the panel

    Laboratory heating plates convert electrical energy into heat energy to heat objects. Is a form of electricity utilization.

    According to the different ways of electric energy conversion, electric heating is usually divided into resistance heating, induction heating, arc heating and so on.

    Resistance heating USES the joule effect of current to convert electrical energy into heat energy to heat an object. Usually divided into direct resistance heating and indirect resistance heating.

    Induction heating USES the conductor in an alternating electromagnetic field to generate induced current (eddy current), which generates heat in the conductor itself.

    Arc heating USES the high temperature produced by an arc to heat an object. Arc is the phenomenon of gas discharge between two electrodes. The arc's voltage is low but its current is high. Its strong current is maintained by a large number of ions vaporized on the electrode, so the arc is susceptible to the influence of the surrounding magnetic field.

    Nanoheat laboratory adopts nanoscale thermal energy technology, no mechanical heater parts, no magnetic field interference, dry heating, fast heating, energy saving and environmental protection, the table is made of glass-ceramics, acid-resistant and alkali resistant, easy to clean; By the majority of laboratory operators favor and praise!

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