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    Which do you prefer, the electric plate or the electric film?
    Date of publication:2019-07-11

    Which do you prefer, the electric plate or the electric film?

    Many people will be entangled in a problem, that is, the electric plate and the electric film that is easier to use, then small make up for you to make a simple distinction.

    1, electric heating plate, electric heating plate is electricity thermal bonding gold fever materials, insulation materials for soft mica plate, outsourcing to sheet metal (aluminum, stainless steel plate, etc.) for heating equipment, widely used in the sample drying, drying, and for other temperature test, is genetic, biological, pharmaceutical and health care, environmental protection, biochemical laboratory, analysis of the city, the education scientific research necessary tools. If you want to use an electric heating plate, it is better to use carbon fiber electric heating plate. In terms of quality, it is also better to use carbon fiber electric heating plate. Carbon fiber electric heating plate USES carbon fiber short wire and surface to generate heat.

    2, the electrothermal: electrothermal film with special conductive polymer materials with the metal article current-carrying, hot melt pressure between the insulator body, after electrify producing hot a fever materials, according to the heating elements can be divided into the printing ink, polymer, carbon fiber, metal wire, such as market zui common is conducting oil, which is a mature technology zui, because the membrane is planar heating element, so the heat more evenly, no electromagnetic radiation, and its flexibility is very good, strong tensile resistance. And above can lay wood floor directly, economy space. The disadvantage is that if the above cement layer needs to do a strict protection. The principle of heat production is that under the action of electric field, the carbon molecular group in the heating body produces "Brownian motion", and the carbon molecules have violent friction and collision. The heat energy generated is transmitted to the outside in the form of far-infrared radiation and convection, and the conversion rate of electric energy and heat energy is up to over 98%. The action of carbon molecules heats up the surface of the system rapidly. Install the electric film heating system on the wall (ground) surface, and the heat energy will be transmitted to every corner of the room. The reason why the electrothermal film can rapidly heat up the space is that its 100% energy input is effectively converted into over 66% far-infrared radiant energy and 33% convective heat energy.

    For the comparison between the two, we need to distinguish from the brand price, of course, the brand is the same, if the price is different, their product performance is not the same, so we can not generalize which is good and which is not good. We need to consider our own actual needs when making choices.

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