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    How to properly repair and maintain the heating plate
    Date of publication:2019-07-11

    How to properly repair and maintain the heating plate

    Heating plate of high frequency large current flows to be made around the circular or other shapes of circle (usually) were made with copper, thus produce polarity in the coil and the instant change of strong magnetic bundle, such as the metal is heated objects placed in a coil, a magnetic beam will through the whole heated objects, in the interior of the heated object and heating current in the opposite direction, should will produce relatively large eddy current, because of the heated object inside there is resistance, so will produce a lot of joule heat, the temperature of the object itself rapidly rising, reach the purpose of for all heating metal materials.

    How to properly repair and maintain the heating plate:

    1, in the case of block, such as electric heater temperature control the outlet temperature control, sensor signal can't provide the correct signal, has asked for heating, electric heater has become more and more hot, if over temperature sensor work, also can cut off power supply, if you don't work over temperature sensor, zui or electric heating element after burn out, or container craze, melting, no matter what happens, in explosion-proof occasions may have unpredictable consequences.

    2. If the sensor is not heated close to one circuit of the electric heater and other circuits are heated, the overtemperature sensor cannot detect the correct temperature or a few hundred degrees later.

    3. When multiple electric heaters are used on the same pry block, the wires may be wrongly connected and crossed. For example, there are three electric heaters in parallel to heat natural gas, 1# and 2# heaters are running, and 3# heater is not used. If the overtemperature sensor of 2# heater is wrongly connected with 3# heater, such as a sudden stop of flow, the sensor of 3# can never turn off 2# heater, and the zui final heater is burnt out.

    4. Many heat exchanger plants have invested a lot of experience in studying the pipe cracking of shell heat exchanger, but few researches have been conducted on the components cracking of electric heater. The reason is that the interior of the heating element is filled with solid magnesium oxide powder, which can crack and hit the wiring cavity in high-pressure occasions, causing electrical leakage.

    5, high temperature magnesium oxide powder is a good thermal conductivity and insulation material, but magnesium oxide powder is prone to moisture absorption caused by the reduction of electrical insulation, moisture absorption is mainly due to the environment of water vapor or placed for a long time or open the cover wiring time is too long, etc., such as electrification, the circuit breaker is not cut off in time, may break down the heating element.

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