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    Committed to nanotechnology innovation, Broad Precision Technology will attend CHINA LAB 2021 with core products
    Date of publication:2021-05-05

    [Report on Chemical Instrument Network Exhibition] On March 31, 2021, the Guangzhou International Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and Technical Seminar (CHINA LAB 2021) will be co-sponsored by Sinopharm Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center. ) Will kick off at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. For many years, CHINA LAB has always been committed to building an exchange and trade platform for the vast number of instrument users, suppliers, experts and scholars, and has now become a domestically most influential and influential laboratory exhibition. During the CHINA LAB 2021 exhibition, hundreds of companies competed on the same stage. Shenzhen Boda Jingke Biological Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Boda Jingke") was also invited to participate in the exhibition, demonstrating the corporate style to the audience.

    Boda Jingke is a technology-based company dedicated to the development and application of advanced materials. Its R&D projects include new nano-heating materials. Over the years, Boda Jingke has always taken "promoting nanotechnology innovation and industrialization development, advocating energy saving and environmental protection and new energy" as its corporate development mission, and has continuously improved its technology. At present, Boda Jingke has more than 20 categories of products, including laboratories. Nano heating plates, silicon carbide heating plates, graphite heating plates, nano-ceramic infrared digesters, high alumina ceramic pressure regulating heating plates, new heating magnetic stirrers, new multi-point magnetic stirrers, etc., are widely used in industry, medical treatment, and scientific research Laboratory and other fields.

    At the exhibition, Chemical Instrument Network had the honor to interview Mr. Liu Jinghe, the general manager of Broad Precision Technology. Mr. Liu introduced to us several products recommended by Boda Jingke at this exhibition, including multi-point magnetic stirring water bath, multi-point high-temperature magnetic stirrer, and new nano-ceramic infrared digestion instrument. Among them, the multi-point magnetic stirring water bath has the advantages of small size, fast and uniform heating speed. The instrument has five stations, can process 5 samples at the same time, has a refrigeration function, and can also adjust the speed and temperature according to user needs. The new nano-ceramic infrared digestion instrument is a core product launched by Boda Jingke this year. Its core feature is that it has 20 digestion holes, each of which can independently display temperature and control, and has high accuracy.

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