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    019 China International Inspection and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo - Boda Jingke
    Date of publication:2019-08-07

    2019 China International Inspection and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo -

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    2019 China International Inspection and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo is heavily upgraded and will be held in Shanghai in September.

    In January 2019, the China International Inspection and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo Organizing Committee Office reported that the 4th China International Expo will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 3 to 5, 2019. This year's Expo will make important upgrades in exhibition services, contemporaneous forums, conference propaganda, etc., bringing together academics and industry celebrities to fully demonstrate new products, technologies and research and development achievements in the inspection and testing industry at home and abroad. The theme of “Enjoy the Future” is to create a platform for innovation and to highlight the brand image of “openness, tolerance, equality and mutual benefit”.

    The conference was hosted by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association, sponsored by Shixin Langpu International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shixin Xinghua International Consulting Co., Ltd., and obtained the State Administration of Market Supervision, China Customs Administration, China Metrology Association, China. With the strong support of the Metrology and Testing Association and the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, we will make every effort to build a testing and testing communication platform, improve the level of China's inspection and testing technology services, implement the science and technology inspection strategy, and promote the testing equipment in the inspection and testing system. Apply suggestions and suggestions.

    Word of mouth exhibition brand restarts, influence is improved

    The Expo is an important window for the display of new technologies and equipment in the world today. It is an important stage for technical cooperation, exchanges and trade between Chinese and foreign companies and China's inspection and testing business. It has been successfully held for three sessions. Over the years, previous inspection fairs have attracted thousands of testing equipment companies and national inspection and testing technology, technology centers, quality inspection centers, key laboratories and third-party testing institutions, national quality integrity companies and other relevant representatives to participate in the fair.

    As a word-of-mouth exhibition, the Expo will be heavily upgraded in 2019, bringing together global inspection and testing companies, focusing on display technology and product innovation. At that time, there will be more than 300 exhibitors from home and abroad, 15,000+ professional buyers, and further explore the elites in the inspection and testing industry, docking high-quality investment resources, and jointly contributing to the industry's innovation and development.

    The total exhibition area of the conference is 11,500 square meters. The scope of the exhibition covers a wide range. It covers all aspects of the middle and lower reaches of the inspection and testing industry chain. It mainly displays testing and certification institutions, analytical testing instruments, measuring/metering equipment, and quality information system solutions. , laboratory furniture engineering and technology, optical instruments and equipment, chemical reagents and reference materials, laboratory equipment and consumables, food testing equipment, biochemical / life sciences and microbiological testing equipment, software / laboratory information management systems, material mechanical properties Test equipment, non-destructive testing equipment, environmental monitoring equipment and other products and technologies, sharing industry front-end information, technology, procurement and other resources.

    Based on innovation, intellectual creation, and future, pay attention to safety, quality and environment.

    With the theme of “Zhichuang Technology, Encouraging the Future”, this year's Expo will hold the International Measurement and Testing Technology Innovation and Development Forum, 2019 Analytical Testing Technology and Instrument Development and Innovation Forum, and food safety fast around innovation, intellectual creation and future. Forum on Technology and Innovation Development Forum, High-throughput Sequencing Technology and Applications.

    On the other hand, the conference will also organize the introduction of the “Quality Grain Project” project of the National Grain Bureau around the issues of safety, quality and environment, 2019 China International Food Industry Development Forum, Analytical Chemistry - Better Life, Quality and Safety of Oil and Gas Equipment and Forum activities such as inspection and testing technology seminars, third-party testing and quality technology forums, and 2019 environmental monitoring and analysis technical seminars.

    More than ten events were held in turn during the same period to discuss, promote, exchange, and test the full skill of the testing industry. In the wave of technological innovation, the Expo will continue to build a network of international production, research and research cooperation, and strive to become a service platform for the transformation of global inspection and testing technology and equipment achievements.

    Propaganda and upgrade, highlights, and shape the influence of the exhibition

    This year's Expo will invite professional callers from the call center through telephone call, database mail, telephone, information promotion, exhibition ticket direct mail, industry exhibitions, forums, conferences and other activities. It will promote the novel and rich communication ideas and content of the exhibition through multiple channels such as paper media, TV, online media, forums, online live broadcasts and vertical media. With the help of a powerful all-media alliance to help the exhibition, all aspects will be enhanced. force.

    For enterprises, university research institutions, investment and financing institutions, etc., the Expo is a social platform for testing and testing resources. It is a big stage for stereoscopic display and collection of technological equipment innovations. It is a good partner for mutual benefit and resource cooperation. We invite you to participate in the 2019 China International Inspection and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo.

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