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    2021 Guangzhou Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and Technical Seminar ~ will be grand opening soon! !
    Date of publication:2021-05-06

      CHINA LAB 2021 Guangzhou Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and Technical Seminar

      CHINALAB2021 Corporate Promotion—Shenzhen Boda Jingke Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

      Welcome new and old customers to visit at that time- ( Boda Jingke Booth No. 6H08 )

      Exhibition Introduction

      CHINA LAB 2018 Guangzhou Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and Technical Seminar

      Time: March 28th to March 30th, 2018
      Location: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall

      Main organizer:
      Reed Sinopharm Exhibition Co., Ltd.
      Guangdong Science and Technology Cooperation Research Promotion Center
      Guangdong Science and Technology Trade Exhibition Company

      Supporting units:
      • China National Biotechnology Development Center
      • China Guangzhou Analytical Testing Center
      • Guangdong Analytical Testing Association
      • Guangdong Quality Inspection Association
      • Guangdong South China New Drug Innovation Center
      • China National Pharmaceutical Group
      • Reed Exhibitions Group
      • Sinopharm Holdings Co., Ltd.
      • China Biological Group Corporation
      • China National Scientific Equipment Import and Export Corporation
      • China National Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.
      • Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute
      • Sinopharm Sichuan Antibiotic Industry Research Institute
      • Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd.

      Exhibits range:
      1. Laboratory products
      1. Scientific instruments
      (1) Analysis and measuring instruments: chromatography, gas phase, spectroscopy, spectrum, mass spectrometry, optics, spectroscopy
      (2) General laboratory instruments: weighing instruments, microscopes and Optical image processing equipment and equipment, etc.
      (3) Biochemical equipment, life science and microbiological testing equipment, laboratory animal facilities
      (4) Industrial analytical equipment and equipment
      2, Reagents/consumables
      (1) General reagents
      (2) Instrument chemical reagents
      ( 3) Reference materials
      (4) Laboratory chemicals
      (5) Electronic reagents, photochemical reagents
      (6) Biochemical and molecular biology reagents
      (7) Medical/diagnostic/test reagents
      (8) Laboratory consumables
      3. Glass products: Glass equipment, medical glass, glassware, special glass
      4. Laboratory construction products

      (1) Laboratory equipment and materials: laboratory benches, fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, decoration building materials, etc.
      (2) Laboratory water, electricity, and gas supporting products: exhaust hoods, gas grills, gas path displays, etc.
      ( 3) Laboratory construction software, laboratory construction technology (BIM, VR) and other effects display
      (4) Laboratory intelligent control, safety equipment: VAV control system, building control system, laboratory equipment monitoring department, etc.
      5. Clean room equipment: Clean workbench, air blowing room, air filter, etc.

      Shenzhen Boda Jingke Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to the development and application of advanced materials. The company has its own product intellectual property rights. The development projects include new nano-heating materials, which are widely used in industry, medical treatment, scientific research, and laboratories. And other fields;

      Laboratory instrument series: laboratory nano heating plate, silicon carbide heating plate, graphite heating plate, high alumina ceramic pressure regulating heating plate, new heating magnetic stirrer, new multi-point magnetic stirrer, new magnetic stirring electric heating mantle, fast nano thermal energy Acid boiling furnace, new type COD digestion instrument, ammonia nitrogen distillation instrument, national standard volatile phenol, nitrogen oil moisture distillation treatment, integrated automatic distillation device, etc.

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