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    How to use magnetic stirrer when heating?
    Date of publication:2019-07-08

    Magnetic agitator is heated by electromagnetic effect driving agitator and electromagnetic heat effect.

    1, turn on the power, cup ready, open the cover of the stainless steel container, the cup placed in the middle of the stainless steel container, the stainless steel container to add heat conduction oil or silicon oil to the appropriate height, the agitator into the cup solution. Turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, turn the speed regulating potentiometer clockwise, and the stirring speed is from slow to fast. Adjust to required speed.

    2. When heating, connect the temperature sensor probe, clip the probe on the bracket, and move the bracket to insert the temperature sensor probe into the solution at least 5cm, but do not affect the stirring. Open the temperature control switch to set the required temperature. Press + and - on the temperature controller to set the required constant temperature. The dial number shows the actual temperature in the cup.

    3. If the agitator jumps during work, please turn off the power and restart it. The speed changes from slow to fast.

    Matters needing attention

    1. In order to ensure your personal safety, please use the three-phase safety socket, which should be properly grounded.

    2, the use of the instrument should be kept clean, long-term use should be cut off the power supply, switch off to avoid accidents.

    3, the stainless steel container did not add heat conduction oil and did not connect the temperature sensor, please do not open the temperature control switch, so as to avoid the electrical heat pipe and thermostat damage.

    4. Please read the instruction carefully before using the instrument to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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