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    Introduction to nano heating plate
    Date of publication:2019-07-11

    Due to its unique properties, nanometer heating plate nanometer structure materials have been applied in electronics, optics, mechanical devices, drug release and biochemistry, etc. In recent years, a climax of research on nanometer materials has been raised, and many new methods of synthesizing nanometer structure materials have been generated. On the basis of electrochemical polymerization of conductive polypyrrole synthesized by polycarbonate filter membrane containing nano-pores as template, a template synthesis method of nano-structured materials was proposed, and a series of nano-structured materials were synthesized by this method.

    The heating plate is made of glass and ceramic with good chemical stability for consideration of safe heating and constant temperature control. The heating plate which is widely used in laboratory has a high safety system, including fixed safety circuit, overheat display and error display. The heating plate can also be equipped with a contact electronic thermometer, which can achieve high precision temperature control effect. Functionality, safety and durability have been the main development goals in heated plates.

    Features of nanometer heating plate:

    Heat alarm display: the indicator light flashes when heating, warning users that the heating plate is too hot to touch

    Digital display: easy to control or repeatedly set the temperature

    Microprocessing control: motor speed and heating plate signal feedback to ensure constant speed operation and maintain the set temperature

    Ceramic disk: one - piece forming seamless disk, excellent resistance to chemical corrosion.

    Nanometer heating plate

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