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    How to choose a good heating plate?
    Date of publication:2019-07-11

    A heating plate converts electrical energy into heat energy to heat an object. Is a form of electricity utilization.

    Facing the numerous heating board brands in the market, and the choice of various heating board materials and parameters, how to choose the heating board suitable for us? In order to make a good choice, we must first understand the meaning of various parameters, manufacturers or instrument manufacturers will label technical parameters to products, or complex and difficult to solve, or simply empty, it doesn't matter, you just need to pay attention to the following key parameters. 1. Temperature uniformity is an important parameter of heating plate zui. Temperature uniformity of heating plate refers to the uniformity of temperature distribution on the panel when the heating temperature is displayed to the set temperature, and the temperature difference between the high point of temperature zui and the low point of temperature zui. 2, the resolution, that is to read, that is to show you the temperature value to the decimal, is an important indicator to measure the display control ability of the heating plate, the general heating plate is 1, that is, the integer display, more precise degree can be up to 0.1. 3. Sensor temperature control refers to the control ability of the internal temperature control system of the heating plate. The error range when the heating plate reaches the set temperature is one of the important indexes to measure the heating system performance of the heating plate, just like the temperature uniformity of the heating plate. Above 3 points are measured by a precision heating plate quality throw out top priority, if you are a high quality of the heating plate of choose and buy, should pay more attention to the above mentioned parameters, notable is that the general manufacturers will not publicize their products the advantage performance in particular, so not every paragraph can as you wish, see the above parameters. Other general parameters, such as heating panel material, temperature control range, panel size, etc., can be determined by the user according to the actual experimental requirements, such as the requirement of corrosion resistance, optional aluminum alloy panel, the requirement of anti-conductive optional ceramic panel, and so on. The heating plate

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