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    oda jingke -2019 HEEC China higher education expo (spring, fuzhou exhibition)
    Date of publication:2019-06-30

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    2019 HEEC China higher education expo (spring, fuzhou exhibition)

    Exhibition time: May 26-28, 2019 venue: fuzhou strait international convention and exhibition center

    I. organization:

    (1) the sponsor

    China association of higher education

    (2) contractors

    Sinopharm reed exhibition co. LTD

    (3) co-organizers

    Laboratory management branch of Chinese society of higher education

    China association of higher education education information branch

    Teaching and research branch of Chinese association of higher education

    Engineering education committee of Chinese higher education association

    Secretariat of the joint conference of national experimental teaching demonstration centers

    China's higher education fair predecessor was founded in 1992, the national higher education equipment exhibition of autumn 2015, included in the "supported by the ministry of commerce to guide the exhibition", in China's higher education institute in 2017 key link enterprise "" the ministry of commerce's first exhibition organizers (exhibition organizer) in January 2018, with the approval of the ministry of education approval, the exhibition officially upgraded to Chinese higher education fair. After the name change, the exhibition will display the achievements of China's higher education in various forms, such as exhibition, conference BBS, competition, etc., serve to build a strong country in higher education, and create a national name card of higher education.

    China's higher education fair (spring 2019.) will be May 26-28, 2019 in fuzhou strait international conference and exhibition center, the exhibition will open cultivation zone zone, scientific research, social service zone, the zone of cultural inheritance innovation zone and exhibition, a total of five big zone, a total of 21 items of peak BBS, exhibition area of 5 square meters, nearly more than 1000 international and domestic famous enterprises, professional audiences of more than 30000. We look forward to seeing you again!

    Exhibition time and place

    (I) exhibition time:

    Exhibition time: May 26-28, 2019

    Withdrawal time: after 15:00 on May 28, 2019

    (ii) exhibition venue:

    Fuzhou strait international convention and exhibition center

    Address: 198 nanjiangbin avenue, chengmen town, cangshan district, fuzhou city, fujian province

    Display contents:

    1. Informationized campus, safe campus, intelligent campus construction and teaching interactive equipment;

    Informatization: education resource platform construction, information center construction, digital campus application service platform construction, audio-visual education equipment, classroom education resources, campus network system construction,

    Education cloud technology and application, big data technology and application, cloud computing technology and application, Internet of things technology and application, multimedia classrooms, campus recorded and video systems, cloud storage, cloud terminals and cloud desktop virtualization solutions, artificial intelligence & gen guest categories: robots, 3 d printers, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), 3 d printing laboratory construction, 3 d printing, 3 d scanner, a guest, interactive education curriculum system programmable and guest application soft (hard), VR/AR teaching and virtual reality technology, 3 d interactive teaching;

    Campus safety technology and equipment, video monitoring system, perimeter security systems, access/face recognition system, visitor management, IC card system, parking management system, integrated security management system, campus security network monitoring system, data mining analysis system, campus information management platform, students' dormitory intelligent information management platform, students positioning system, campus guards, parent-school links/XunTong/wing school, school/college security supplies, disaster simulation system, the campus insurance, etc.;

    Online education, network classroom, classroom, cloud cloud live classroom, online education, online education platform operators live technical support platform, education platform, online interactive platform, online training system, on-line examination system, online education community, streaming media management systems, video conference, online education as a whole solution provider, cloud recorded live equipment, video equipment, the digital library, learning solutions, professional education software, speech recognition, intelligent speech technology, MOOC, micro class, etc.;

    2. Laboratory and scientific research equipment and technology; Teaching equipment, laboratory and functional classroom equipment, reagents and consumables, vocational training, geographical garden, ecological garden

    3. Practical training/electromechanical products;

    Training equipment, mechatronics technology, electrical automation technology, electrical technology application, intelligent control technology, industrial information

    Monitoring technology, industrial robot technology, welding technology and automation; Construction engineering simulation training products, Internet of things training devices, urban rail transit vehicle technology, driving (simulation) and other comprehensive training equipment;

    4. Medical education and health products;

    Campus medical system and rehabilitation technology and equipment, education for hearing and visual impairment, education for language impairment, education for intellectual development, psychological consultation room, etc. Medical rehabilitation equipment; Rehabilitation AIDS, mobile AIDS, electronic computer voice communication equipment, computer use AIDS, communication AIDS, leisure and entertainment and other personalized training AIDS;

    5. Campus logistics equipment products

    Logistics equipment exhibition area: campus drinking water equipment, kitchen equipment, campus food service, school teaching (accommodation) equipment and office equipment, cultural and sports facilities and campus cultural construction, intelligent management of dormitory, campus card, electronic attendance, uniforms and other logistics supplies.

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