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    he heating plate has more advantages in function
    Date of publication:2019-07-11

    The heating plate has more advantages in function

    The heating material of the heating plate is electrothermal alloy wire. Its working principle is very simple, which is the basic electrothermal effect. When the heating plate works, the electric current passes through the electrothermal alloy wire, and the electrothermal alloy wire will generate heat, converting electric energy into heat energy and transmitting it to the outer shell. The heating plate is designed with insulation material, so as to ensure that the electric current during the operation of the electrothermal alloy wire will not cause safety risks to the user.

    Hot plate and no clear classification at present, in the market of the common heating plate has a stainless steel heating plate, ceramic heating plate, silicone rubber heating plate, carbon crystal heating plate and carbon fiber heating panel, etc., the main difference is the different in the outer shell material or different inner heating materials, such as feer is stainless steel plate and ceramic plate belongs to the shell material is different, the rest of the several as heating material is different, the advantages of the heating plate is numerous, therefore has a widespread application in the production and living, from the common ground heating, electric heating water bottle, environment temperature to keep to the laboratory experiment, involve the use of the hot plate. At present, heating plate has been widely used in industry, agriculture, civil, national defense, science and technology, medical and health and other fields.

    The heating plate is an ideal heating equipment for zui of various fine chemical units. Stainless steel heating plate working face using stainless steel, with acid and alkali resistance, anti - corrosion characteristics. Mica heating plate, the whole work table heating at the same time, ensure the temperature of all points evenly. Stainless steel heating plate adopts temperature controller, dual screen LED display, simultaneously display the working temperature, setting temperature and timing time. Heating plate with temperature error correction function.

    In the process of using the heating plate, we need to pay attention to several points, including:

    1. The heating plate is not suitable for electric furnace to boil water, etc.

    2. When the heating plate is in working condition, special persons shall take care of it. Do not touch the surface of the table to prevent burns.

    3, after work, cut off the stainless steel electric heating board power supply.

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