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    It is easier to use the hot plate in the laboratory
    Date of publication:2019-07-11

    It is easier to use the hot plate in the laboratory

    Laboratory with electric heating plate is biological, genetic, medicine and health care, environmental protection, biochemical laboratory, analysis room, teaching and research of the necessary tools, can be widely used in the sample of baking, drying, and for other temperature test, the working panel select material stainless steel, has a superior corrosion resistance, heat quickly and evenly, easy operation, use safety. When using, just switch on the power, turn on the power, put on the items needing heating, and adjust the heating power according to the needs.

    Product advantages of electric heating plate for laboratory:

    1, ultra-low resistance, can use batteries and dc power source heating, the sun can use renewable energy.

    2, will not produce magnetic field interference, improve the use of the environment, no harm to the surrounding and human body.

    3. The innovative electric heating plate for glass laboratory can provide different types of heating (high temperature) and constant temperature (low temperature) requirements, and perform well in many applications, achieving higher energy efficiency.

    4. Dynamic heat transfer, over 99% energy efficiency, while static heat transfer, over 90% energy efficiency (compared to -75-85% electromagnetic heat and -65-75% metallic radiant heat, data obtained from the doe report).

    5. The operation mode is diversified, and the insulation is set at 1 and the temperature control range is 30-90* to meet the needs of different experiments.

    6, no electromagnetic interference and harm, especially suitable for medical and laboratory use, applicable to most of the utensils, glass, ceramics, metal, all can not do.

    7. Fashionable appearance, slim volume, convenient to carry, anti-corrosion glass and ceramic panel, easy to clean.

    For more information about electric heating board in laboratory, please continue to pay attention to our company!

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