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    The heating mode of electric plate is worth advocating
    Date of publication:2019-07-11

    The heating mode of electric plate is worth advocating

    Electric heating plate is a kind of electric plate that can generate heat after electrification. It is composed of solid core, single or multiple heating elements of resistance wires, insulation layer, grounding wire, metal shielding layer, waterproof sheath and cold and hot wire joints. There are alloy wire and carbon fiber wire and other types of heating body, because of the alloy wire heating stability and strength, are better than carbon fiber wire, floor radiation heating should be given priority to the use of alloy wire products.

    The electric heating plate can raise the temperature to a rated stage in a very short time after being electrified, and has a considerable thermostatic effect after being equipped with insulation device. In the process of heating, more heat is lost than effectively converted, which is a waste of resources. Therefore, we do not advocate other heating methods.

    The advantages of electric heating plate are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

    1. Long service life: it is required to be used safely for more than 10 years under normal use and proper storage. Accumulative power service life test: power off for 2h, power on for 1h, and above 2000h. s.

    2. High thermal efficiency, energy saving and low cost: the international trend is to increase the electric power of electric heating plate to reduce the mass of heat storage body, so as to increase the power without increasing the electricity consumption. High power, small heat storage body, small thermal inertia, so fast heating, cooking or heating speed, high thermal efficiency, the user consumption of electricity is reduced. For manufacturers, the reduction of heat storage means lower costs.

    3. Adjustable temperature: the surface temperature of the electric heating board shall be able to meet the requirements of various operating temperatures. For example, boiling and boiling cooking requires a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, while frying requires 140 degrees Celsius. 180 degrees Celsius. If it is too low, it cannot reach the requirement of frying the food until it is brown. If it is too high, the cooking oil will be easy to carbonize. Therefore, the board temperature zui should be adjusted within the range of 120-350 degrees Celsius.

    4, easy to clean, good corrosion resistance: in order to meet the above requirements, the heating plate must be designed as a combination of several heating elements for power regulation by the switch. We can determine the power and power distribution of the heating plate according to the curve and the required temperature, or choose the load and determine the power according to the curve to calculate the size needed for the plate surface.

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