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    What will save your thermostat
    Date of publication:2019-07-11

    What will save your thermostat

    Constant temperature heating set adopts high temperature resistant non-alkali fiberglass insulation, resistance of nickel chrome material woven silk seal within the insulation hemispherical internal heating heater, widely used Yu Dazhong colleges and universities, such as petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection industry of laboratory liquid heating, in use process has large heating area, heating up fast, the halogen-light, uniform heating, safe and energy-saving. In the use of thermostatic heating set, in order to effectively extend the service life of the equipment, when thermostatic heating set failure, the user should learn to correctly deal with the fault, then small make up simply for you to introduce.

    1. Normal display but no heating: the set temperature is lower than the measured temperature.

    2, always display room temperature: probe short circuit.

    3, always display 999: the probe is open, not connected well, or the temperature exceeds the upper limit.

    4. Slow heating rate: 1) if P value is too small, increase it appropriately; 2) the power of heater is too small or the temperature probe is too far away.

    5. Large display temperature error: the temperature probe fails or the probe position is incorrect.

    6. Display small temperature error: the system has errors, adjust SC value.

    7. Slow temperature response: the C value is too large, and the C value is appropriately lowered.

    8. Heating lamp is on but does not heat up: 1) failure of connection at output end or failure of heating working device; 2) connection failure between control board and power board;

    More information about thermostatic heating sets, welcome to continue to pay attention to the company!

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