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    Shenzhen boda jingke biotechnology co., LTD. Heating board
    Date of publication:2019-07-11

    Laboratory analysis and testing has always been one of the main competitive fields in the instrument and equipment r&d industry. How to bring zui science and cutting-edge innovative technologies of zui into full play has become a common concern of all instrument and equipment manufacturers.

    In order to improve the brand and popularity of the enterprise, the enterprise itself needs to constantly improve product quality and service quality. In the process of development, the instrument company needs to boldly break through the bottleneck of application technology and have the courage to surpass the peers with scientific and technological innovation. At the same time, enterprises also need to constantly strengthen exchanges and cooperation with scientific research institutes and domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises, so as to improve their competitive advantages in science and technology.

    Focusing on the two development lines of "product quality" and "service quality", a number of new products of cutting-edge scientific and technological instruments were exhibited at this Munich Shanghai biochemistry exhibition. * new magnetic electrothermal sleeve. This instrument mainly adopts hemispherical microcrystalline ceramic heating process, which has the following four technical advantages: 1. 2. Uniform heating and wide heating surface; 3. Adopt the world's advanced nano thermal energy heating; Iv. Equipped with LCD screen, exquisite appearance. Second, nanometer heating plate. This product mainly adopts ceramic layout technology, glass ceramics and stainless steel appearance, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, rapid and even heating. Third, heating plate + magnetic agitator. The outstanding feature of this innovative instrument is the combination of heating technology and stirring function, which saves time and improves efficiency for the staff during the test.

    In addition, there is also an intelligent large heating board product, which not only has a large heating area and uniform heating, but also is equipped with LCD temperature control touch screen and realizes mobile phone APP palm control. LCD touch brings customers a very convenient experience, you can adjust the temperature and procedures at will, in the work of a very wide range of applications. In addition, the mobile phone APP equipped with this large heating board USES the "cloud" function. The experimenters can operate remotely through the mobile APP no matter they are outdoors or in meetings, which greatly satisfies and ADAPTS to the working mode of the younger generation.

    The above four instrument products are mainly promoted by the company. Due to their high technical content, wide practical application and great attention from users, they occupy a certain weight and influence in the instrument market. At the same time, the core of the company's zui nanotechnology, has been recognized by many countries in the world, and has more than 40 technological innovation technology, has brought countless honors and recognition for the company.

    Shenzhen boda jingke biotechnology co., ltd. has been committed to the development and exploration of high-tech fields, especially in the field of nano-heating materials, nano-technology products has been in the forefront of the world. In the future, our company will continue to take the laboratory application as the development goal, take the service customer as the development power, unceasingly improves the instrument product quality, unceasingly enhances the technical service level, will contribute more wisdom for the humanity bright tomorrow!

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