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Laboratory Ceramic Heating Plate Special Price

Brief description:

Ceramic heating plates offer special dynamic heat transfer, with energy efficiency exceeding 99%, while static heat transfer can achieve energy efficiency of more than 90% (compared with electromagnetic heating - 75% - 85%, metal radiation heat disc - 65% - 75%, data obtained from the report of the U.S. Department of Energy).

Laboratory Ceramic Heating Plate Special Price
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World Nanotechnology Products

Laboratory ceramic heating plate


NanoHeat® heating system

NanoHeat® is a multi-layer electric heating plate that is heated by nanometer thickness (1 meter = nm). It can use AC and DC power to achieve speed and high-efficiency heating.

NanoHeat®: dynamic heat transfer, more than 99% energy efficiency, and static heat transfer, can achieve energy efficiency of more than 90% (compared to electromagnetic heating -75%-85%, metal radiant hot plate -65%-75%, The data is obtained from the US Department of Energy report).

NanoHeat®: Ultra-low resistance, capable of heating with battery and DC power, solar energy can be used with renewable energy.

NanoHeat®: Does not cause magnetic interference, improves the environment, and is harmless to the surrounding and human body.

NanoHeat®: Innovative glass heating panels that offer different types of heating (high temperature) and constant heating (low temperature) and perform well in many applications for higher energy efficiency.

NanoHeat® Technology Achievements:

l Fast and efficient use of energy-saving heating function

Up to 5°C in 1 second and over 99% in energy efficiency

l High thermal energy density

Can generate 5000W energy in an area of 10×10 square centimeters

l DC energy renewable energy application

Only 24V DC output power can reach 200°C

l No magnetic interference

Laboratory ceramic heating plates can be widely used in medical equipment

l No container usage restrictions

Ceramic ware for metal and glass can be used on the heating surface of NanoHeat®

l Product design applications

Based on the unique NanoHeat®'s unique and efficient heating technology, the product can be ultra-thin, compact, stylish and creative in design applications.

HTL-901EX laboratory heating plate

Laboratory ceramic heating plate product characteristics

• Diversified operating modes to match the needs of different experiments.

- Temperature accuracy up to +/-1°C*.

- The insulation setting is calculated at 1 °C and the temperature control range is 30-90 °C*.

- Temperature detection and display can be settled at 0.5 °C*.

- 3 sections of firepower (high/medium/low power), a variety of insulation options, available for selection.

• It is heated by the NanoHeat technology and heated up to 5 °C in just one second.

• Contains no electromagnetic interference and hazards, especially for medical and laboratory use.

• Save energy and consume less than 1W of power in standby mode.

• Suitable for most vessels, glass, ceramics, and metal.

• Easy to use. Light touch button design, LED display light, security lock, timepiece function,

As well as high temperature tips, it is convenient for users.

• Stylish, slim and easy to carry.

• Corrosion-resistant glass ceramic panel for easy cleaning.

* Need to be used with the supplied external temperature detector.

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