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Nano laboratory electric heating plate

Brief description:

The nanolab electrothermal plate is driven by the NanoHeat technology and heats up to 5 °C in just one second.

Nano laboratory electric heating plate
  • Detailed introduction

The Nanolab Electrothermal Plate is a thermostat designed to heat pretreat various types of analytical samples.

Briefly describe the product characteristics of nano laboratory electric heating plate:

☆ Diversified operation modes to meet the needs of different experiments.

☆ Temperature accuracy up to +/-1 °C

☆Insulation setting is calculated at 1 °C

☆ Add module and control system split design, intelligent program control system, segmentation control.

☆ A variety of heating and insulation options are available.

☆Driven by NanoHeat technology, the speed is raised to 5 °C, only 1 second.

☆No mechanical components, no electromagnetic interference and harm, especially suitable for medical and laboratory use.

☆Energy saving, the power consumption in standby state is less than 1W.

☆Applicable to most utensils, glass, ceramics, metal, all indispensable.

☆ Easy to use, controller keyboard button design, LCD screen display, security lock, time meter function, and high temperature alarm prompts, convenient for users.

☆ Stylish and beautiful appearance, luxurious atmosphere.

☆ Anti-corrosion glass pottery layer, easy to clean.

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