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AME-HTL-901EX heating plate

Brief description:

The AME-HTL-901EX heating plate is used in the laboratory's heating plate with a high degree of safety system, including fixed safety circuits, overheating display and error display. A contact electronic thermometer can also be installed in the heating plate to achieve high-precision temperature control. Functionality, safety and durability are the three characteristics of laboratory heating plates.

AME-HTL-901EX heating plate
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AME-HTL-901EX heating plate

World Nanotechnology Products

Laboratory nanotechnology heating plate


NanoHeat® heating system

NanoHeat® is a multi-layer electric heating plate that is heated by nanometer thickness (1 meter = nm). It can use AC and DC power to achieve speed and high-efficiency heating.

AME-HTL-901EX heating plate

NanoHeat®: dynamic heat transfer, more than 99% energy efficiency, and static heat transfer, can achieve energy efficiency of more than 90% (compared to electromagnetic heating -75%-85%, metal radiant hot plate -65%-75%, The data is obtained from the US Department of Energy report).

NanoHeat®: Ultra-low resistance, capable of heating with battery and DC power, solar energy can be used with renewable energy.

NanoHeat®: Does not cause magnetic interference, improves the environment, and is harmless to the surrounding and human body.

NanoHeat®: Innovative glass heating panels that offer different types of heating (high temperature) and constant heating (low temperature) and perform well in many applications for higher energy efficiency.

NanoHeat® Technology Achievements:

l Fast and efficient use of energy-saving heating function

Up to 5°C in 1 second and over 99% in energy efficiency

l High thermal energy density

Can generate 5000W energy in an area of 10×10 square centimeters

l DC energy renewable energy application

Only 24V DC output power can reach 200°C

l No magnetic interference

Can be widely used in medical equipment

l No container usage restrictions

Ceramic ware for metal and glass can be used on the heating surface of NanoHeat®

l Product design applications

Based on the unique NanoHeat®'s unique and efficient heating technology, the product can be ultra-thin, compact, stylish and creative in design applications.

HTL-901EX laboratory heating plate

Laboratory heating plate product characteristics

• Diversified operating modes to match the needs of different experiments.

- Temperature accuracy up to +/-1°C*.

- The insulation setting is calculated at 1 °C and the temperature control range is 30-90 °C*.

- Temperature detection and display can be settled at 0.5 °C*.

- 3 sections of firepower (high/medium/low power), a variety of insulation options, available for selection.

• It is heated by the NanoHeat technology and heated up to 5 °C in just one second.

• Contains no electromagnetic interference and hazards, especially for medical and laboratory use.

• Save energy and consume less than 1W of power in standby mode.

• Suitable for most vessels, glass, ceramics, and metal.

• Easy to use. Light touch button design, LED display light, security lock, timepiece function,

As well as high temperature tips, it is convenient for users.

• Stylish, slim and easy to carry.

• Corrosion-resistant glass ceramic panel for easy cleaning.

* Need to be used with the supplied external temperature detector.

Laboratory heating plate product specifications

• Model: HTL-901EX

• Electricity demand: 220-240 volt AC, 50/60 Hz

• Output power: 1200 watts

• Size: 200 (width) x 230 (length) x 30 (height) mm

• Net weight: 1.15 kg

• CE certified, safe and reliable

• Made in Hong Kong

Laboratory heating plate with different accessories, more diversified functions

The NanoHeat Lab's advanced heating plate is used in conjunction with 3 large accessories for more comprehensive functions.

• AME Micro Constant Temperature Water Tank WBK-111: Accurate temperature control and easy storage.

• AME Data Logger DLE-112: Accurate, reliable, lightweight and easy to use.

• AME Magnetic Stirrer HMS-901: 2-in-1 design for easy combination.

HTL-901EX laboratory heating plate FAQ:

1. What is the LED display displayed in the heating mode in the heating mode? Whether it is the temperature on the heating panel or the set time.

“L3” : High power : panel temperature is 350 ° C

"L2" : Medium power : panel temperature is 250 ° C

“L1” : Low power : Panel temperature is 150°C

Depending on the work situation, normal is the display panel temperature, but when setting the heating time, the panel surface shows the time.

After selecting the high "L 3 ", medium "L2", and low "L1" power modes, press the "Add" or "Reduce" button to preset the heating time.

Each time you click the “Add” or “Reduce” button, the heating time will increase or decrease by one minute. Press and hold the “Add” or “Reduce” button for three or more seconds, and the default value will continue to increase or decrease rapidly. Timer zui can set the heating time

180 minutes, and the time will be displayed on the display

2. What is the temperature range in which the heating plate can be heated? How much is the high temperature that can be achieved.

The heating range is: 10 cm x 10 cm, the surface temperature is 350 °C

3. The working panel size of the heating plate?

15 cm x 16 cm

4. Magnetic stirrer work panel size?

13.5 cm x 15 cm

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