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Thermostatic magnetic stirrer wholesale

Brief description:

Thermostatic magnetic agitators are widely used in experiments of higher organic synthesis.

Thermostatic magnetic stirrer wholesale
  • Detailed introduction

Thermostatic magnetic agitator is characterized by high sensitivity, strong controllability and wide temperature control range. It is widely used in experiments of advanced organic synthesis. It is a step forward in the automation of chemical experiment and an ideal tool for matching various analyzers and agitator solutions

Steps for use of thermostatic magnetic agitator:

First please check with the complete machine accessories are complete, and then according to the sequence of the first fixture. Both the workbench type and the digital display type contain governors to check that the governor is properly connected.

Add the solution and put the agitator in the beaker solution, fix the temperature control probe on the rubber clip head, insert the heating head into the solution, do not affect the agitator, and then plug in the power plug of the instrument, and then switch on the power supply speed switch, the indicator light is on, and then start to work.

The speed regulation is gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed, and it is not allowed to start directly in high speed, so as to avoid the pulsation caused by out of step mixing. The heating is controlled by a switch, turn on the heating source switch, and select the desired temperature. The green light indicates that the heating plate is working, and the red light indicates that the heating plate is stopped. At this time, the heating plate is in a constant temperature state. The instrument should be kept clean and dry, and solution is forbidden to enter the machine, so as not to damage the parts and prevent violent vibration.

Notes for constant temperature magnetic agitator:

1. If the stirrer beats or does not stir, please cut off the power to check whether the current voltage is between 220±10V. The speed regulation is gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed.

2. Thermostatic magnetic agitator is generally capable of long-term heating, but it is necessary to ensure that the setting has been set on the digital display governor and meets the requirements of the experimental process.

4. If electric leakage is found after long use, please check whether the heating porcelain tube is damaged, because the heating wire is 220V straight, or check whether the collision causes the circuit and insulation tube to fall off. If you don't understand the electrical principle, please absolutely forbid disassembling and repairing, and inform the factory to repair.

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