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    The working principle of ceramic heating plate in laboratory is analyzed
    Date of publication:2019-07-08

    Detailed introduction:

    Ceramic heating plates are widely used in the LABS of the heating plate with high security systems, including fixed circuit, overheat display and error, the safety of the heating plate can also be a contact device electronic thermometer, can achieve the high precision temperature control, laboratory ceramic heating plate with functional, safety and durability of the three characteristics.

    Ceramic heating plate in laboratory is a kind of heater with high temperature and long life. In modern industry, ceramic heater can meet the requirements of higher and higher working temperature, especially chemical fiber, engineering plastics, plastic machinery, electronics, medicine, food and various pipeline heating. Ceramic joint heater consists of spiral resistance wire through specially designed high temperature ceramic tile, precision extension, flexible, beautiful ceramic fiber metal shell insulation layer.

    Laboratory ceramic heating plates convert electrical energy into heat energy to heat objects. Is a form of electricity utilization. Compared with the general fuel heating, electric heating can obtain a higher temperature (such as arc heating, the temperature can reach more than 3000℃), easy to achieve automatic temperature control and remote control, can be heated by the object to maintain a certain temperature distribution. Electric heating can generate heat directly in the heated object, so the thermal efficiency is high and the heating rate is fast. According to the technical requirements of heating, uniform heating or partial heating (including surface heating) can be achieved. It is easy to achieve vacuum heating and control atmosphere heating. In the process of electric heating, there is little waste gas, residue and smoke, which can keep the heated object clean and do not pollute the environment. Therefore, electric heating is widely used in the fields of production, scientific research and experiment. Electric heating is used especially in the manufacture of single crystal and transistor, mechanical parts and surface quenching, smelting of ferroalloy and manufacture of artificial graphite.

    The ceramic heating plate in laboratory has the specifications of circle type and plate type, which is reliable, durable, energy saving, easy to install, high temperature resistant, fast heat transfer, good insulation, and free from the limitation of model and specification. According to the wiring mode required by users, the voltage ranges from 36V, 110V, 180V, 220V and 380V, and the zui high power load is 6.5w per square meter, which can reduce the energy consumption by 30% compared with the traditional electric heater.

    If you need more information about ceramic heating board in laboratory, please continue to pay attention to our company. Shenzhen is fine division of biological science and technology co., LTD. Laboratory of nano heating plate HTL - 500 ex, HTL - 400 ex, HTL - 300 ex the world level of nanometer thermal energy technology, heat no mechanical components, heating plate using microcrystalline glass ceramics, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, easy cleaning, can be dry, no electromagnetic interference and damage, fast heating, speed up to 5 ℃, for only 1 seconds; At present is the laboratory heating board industry leader, well received by the majority of customers!

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